We, at Precious Plastic Montréal, are developing the first recycled plastic workshop in Montreal in the hopes of showing Montrealers that there are alternatives to traditional recycling systems.

We hope to show people that plastic is a material that can be worked (like wood or metal) and that with the Precious Plastic machines we can create products that are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable

We at P.P.M.T.L. are tired of seeing plastic end up in a landfill, whether it be in Quebec or overseas in Asia. We are tired of contributing to a system that engenders the creation of virgin plastic, when we should be moving towards a world in which we avoid creating new plastic and recycle only what is left.

We also hope to make the technology and information as accessible as possible. We aim to achieve this by partnering with local makerspaces to give artisans and makers a path to eco-responsable fabrication. While also developing workshops geared towards the general public and more specifically towards students of all ages.

We envision our city to recycle part of its waste locally, district by district, to avoid the carbon footprint that comes with transporting our waste from place to place.

We envision a network in which in each neighborhood, send clean shredded plastic to the workspaces around it, to then be recycled into products by the precious plastic team and local artisans.

We, at Precious Plastic Montréal, envision the creation of a line of products, in which each product would correspond to a type of plastic, to maximize our recycling capabilities. Once the products are made, the products would be sold in Precious Plastic boutiques around the city, to show the ingenuity and artisanal prowess of Montréalers.